Servie Cloud enables residents to check-in guests, receive delivery notifications, reserve amenities, schedule maintenance requests, and stay up-to-date with the community. 


Resident View


Residents can announce guests 24/7 without calling down to the front desk and can update guest lists in moments.

Instant Message

The instant message feature easily connects residents with building staff — while reducing the volume of calls at the front desk.

Package Notifications

Push notifications from Servie will notify residents when packages arrive. And Servie keeps a log of all package deliveries and pickups so nothing gets missed.


Residents can reserve on-site amenities through the app, minimizing the burden on front desk staff and eliminating scheduling mix-ups too.


Servie makes valet parking painless. Residents simply enter a request through the app to ensure their vehicles—or their guests’ vehicles—are waiting for them when they’re ready to go.

Maintenance Requests

Residents can bypass the front desk and ensure maintenance requests are received quickly and easily—optimizing front desk operations and increasing convenience and satisfaction for residents.


Staff Portal

Shift Log

Staff use the Shift Log to keep a record of what happens during their shifts, reducing miscommunication. Managers can review the log track activity during or after any given shift.

Data & Reports

Data analysis and reports provide an easy way for management to monitor building activity, create predictive forecasts, plan for employee  coverage, and more.


Building staff can share news and announcements for residents to view on the app or Servie HUB in common spaces like the lobby or mail room. Managers can also attach files for residents to download and save.

Pet Registry

Want to keep track of animal records?Keep track of how many pets reside in your building.